A Cotton Shibori Dyed Yukata: Modern Design

$245.00 USD

mid twentieth century
59" x 47", 150 cm x 119.5 cm

A yukata is an unlined, lightweight cotton kimono that is associated with casual events and summertime.  

This particular one has a strikingly modern design with its pattern of echoing diagonal symmetry created from small splotches of undyed and colored resist dyed squares.

The result is a complex, eye dazzling overall pattern that owes something, it seems, to modern design much like is the case with Meisen kimono.

The yukata is seemingly unused or very lightly used if at all. It is quite long as it is meant to be hiked up and folded at the waist in order to create the right length for the wearer; this fold is held in place by the obi or sash that would have been worn with this.

Super lovely and really fun to look at this is an unusual and visually arresting yukata that seems more like art than a garment.