A Cotton Indian Khadi Towel #2: Handspun Yarns

$40.00 USD

72" x 32", 183 cm x 81 cm

Khadi is a kind of traditional Indian cloth that is woven from homespun yarns of silk, cotton--and sometimes--synthetics, and, in our estimation, is some of India's most beautiful cloth.  There is an endlessly wide variety of khadi cloth woven in India, each type more beautiful than the other.

The production of Khadi cloth, whose manufacture was waning due to the advances of industry, was revived by M.K. Gandhi in the early part of last century as he was intent to make his country more self sustaining and to allow its cultural heritage to shine against the British occupation.  Gandhi envisioned the khadi industry to gather force against British colonialism and to to make a statement of independence and solidarity against the British: to this day in India, Gandhi's image is displayed in the various khadi shops in Indians towns and villages.

This is a thickly woven cotton "towel." The hand spun cotton is beautifully slubby and the variegated blue-purples and soft, white, undyed cotton color tones are wonderful.

*this cloth must be hand washed in cold water, and it is apt to shrink over time.
A Cotton Indian Khadi Towel #2: Handspun Yarns