A Cotton Drawstring Bag: Hand Stitched

$40.00 USD

early twentieth century
9" x 10" x 10", 23 cm x 25.5 cm x 25.5 cm

This is a good-sized, hand stitched cotton drawstring bag that is made from cloth woven with gradient stripes, the design woven into the cloth is meant to allude to a waterfall.

The material from which this bag is fashioned is no doubt recycled from bedding, probably a futon cover. The construction of the bag is beautifully simple and on the bias, with a beautiful joining of cloth on the bottom of the bag which is easily seen on the accompanying detail photos.

The bag is unlined and all the loops are intact. The drawstring is probably original to the bag but that is a guess based on relative age.

Charming and still very usable.