A Cotton Boro Futon Cover: Piles of Layered Patches

$375.00 USD

early twentieth century
65 1/2" x 37 1/2", 166.5 cm x 95 cm

This handsome, dark-toned, three-and-a-half panel section of a cotton futon cover is shown here inside-out in order to present the wonderful patching that can be seen grouped in clusters mainly on the top, left and bottom edges of the piece.

The dark toned, heavily worn striped base cloth is clearly recycled from a kimono or a work coat while the patches, just as clearly, are also recycled but from entirely different sources.

What is interesting about this patched and mended futon cover is that the patches on the top, right corner are layered and that the patches on the bottom are diverse in origin. The patches on the top, right especially are interesting to look at in relation to the body of the cloth as they are light in tone and create an isolated area of visual interest.

All over the surface of the futon cover there are about seven holes of various, small sizes: obviously these areas of the futon cover have not yet been mended which leads us to consider all sorts of questions about this intriguing piece.

Wonderful and recommended.