A Cornflower Blue Sakiori Obi: Striations

$95.00 USD

mid twentieth century
126" x 10 1/2", 320 cm x 26.5 cm

This is a good-looking sakiori obi, or a rustic, traditional kimono sash that is woven using shredded cloth as its weft yarn.

The warp yarns are of blue dyed cotton and the weft yarns are randomly fed, fairly narrow bars in colors of cornflower blue, greyish and red.

This wonderfully designed and woven obi is in good, used condition with an ingrained crease that runs down the middle of the obi.  Shown in most of the detail photos are the proper "front" of the obi which is dull in color as compared to the  proper "back" of the obi which is slightly brighter. It will be your choice which side to display. On the second detail photo is an image showing both sides.

A very nice sakiori obi.