A Completely Sashiko Stitched Woman's Jacket: Reversible

$495.00 USD

mid twentieth century
25" x 44", 63.5 cm x 112 cm

This is a magnificently sashiko stitched woman's garment--every part of it is intensely and perfectly sashiko stitched with a stepped, symmetrical, geometric shape which in Japan is called kaki no hana or persimmon flower. The amount of stitching on this garment is almost unbelievable.

It is also reversible, meaning it is as interesting on the inside as on the outside--shown in the lead photographs is the proper outside, but the jacket was turned inside-out and photographed in detail to show the beautifully patched and mended inside.

Remarkably, this fancy coat seems to have been used as work garment as can be evidenced by the wear on the proper left side of the collar--presumably a bag's strap has worn away this area which is why the original sashiko stitching is abraded and broken.

This is a wild achievement of sashiko stitching and one likely not to be seen again on this site.

Very recommended.