A Colorful Patched Boro Length: Obi Shin Fragment

$85.00 USD

mid twentieth century
52" x 11", 132 cm x 28 cm

This is a fragile and beautiful length of boro cloth which was taken from an obi shin, which is a length of cloth placed inside an obi, a traditional kimono sash, in order to provide it with body and which will enable the obi to hold its form.

The small checked base cloth is threadbare in places and is a bit frail; it is a partial panel taken from a kimono.  Its selvedge edges are missing.

The wonderfully colored patches which are hand stitched to the surface are in beautiful tonal contrast to the base cloth.

This is a marvelously interesting boro piece, and knowing this was an obi shin which was never meant to be seen, one can be assured that this piece's beauty is completely random and the product of happenstance.


A Colorful Patched Boro Length: Obi Shin Fragment