A Child's Shirakage Shibori Yukata: Subtle Repair

$150.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
30" x 24", 76 cm x 61 cm

This small, unlined, indigo dyed cotton yukata was made for--and worn hard by--a child. Its shirakage shibori pattern is so elegant and is what is known as the "paving stone" design.

The cloth was used hard as can be seen by some surface abrasion and certainly by the repaired hole to the center of the back of the small yukata.

In fact, it is highly possible that this child's garment was recycled from an adult's yukata, which may account for some of the slight damage to the cloth.

But this is more beautiful than it is damaged: shirakage shibori is said to be one of the most difficult techniques and the pattern here is just splendid and beautifully done.

The long, cotton tie on the front shows prominent holes and it can certainly be removed or replaced if you would care to do that.

A stunning little garment made of fantastic old cloth.