A Buddhist Pilgrim's Accessory Cloth: Stamped Record of Temples Visited

$165.00 USD

early twentieth century
46" x 12 1/2", 117 cm x 31.5 cm

This marvelously beautiful cotton cloth is a tenugui (or traditional hand towel) sized pilgrim's cotton accessory, something which would have been carried by a a Buddhist devotee while traveling a prescribed route of Buddhist temples as he or she traveled, perhaps on foot, visiting each one.

As can be seen the cloth bears the soulful wear, fading and surface patina of a good deal of use by a faithful pilgrim: there are many, overlapping and fascinatingly enigmatic and pictorial stamps received at various temples, each in various degrees of clarity or blurring.

Very often, depending on the type of pilgrimage undertaken, tough ascetic practices were performed by the pilgrim in the form of ritual baths sometimes in natural waterfalls, meditating in remote and wild areas and other harsh exercises meant to attune the spirit to a rarefied state of mind.

This particular accessory with its symmetrical desgin was more than likely carried on the arm and is remarkably beautiful.

Very recommended.