A Brown Checked Boro Kimono: Zanshi Patches

$145.00 USD

ca. early to mid twentieth century
51" x 48", 129.5 cm x 122 cm

The most striking quality of this old, lined, boro kimono is its soft, warm, brown color and its subtle, hand stitched patches.

Here we are looking at the proper, inside of the kimono--its lining.  The lining is cotton and is a small figured checked pattern done in lovely, faded brown tones, the overall effect being a kind of toffee color.

Note the mending patches, which are beautifully faded and beautifully stitched to the plaid surface: in most cases these are fragments of zanshi ori, or cloth which is woven from leftover cotton yarns.  Just lovely.

Of course, what is obvious when poring over the accompanying detail photos, is that this old kimono has condition issues, notably the proper, left, front of the garment which is abraded and shows many holes, revealing glimpses of the indigo dyed cotton exterior of the kimono.

A beautiful piece for its lovely and unusual colors and its artful mending and patching.

A Brown Checked Boro Kimono: Zanshi Patches