A Brightly Colored Large Scale Patterned Haori: Slightly Slubby Silk

$80.00 USD

mid twentieth century
hem to shoulder x sleeve tip to sleeve tip: 33 1/4" x 46 /12", 84.25 cm x 118 cm

This is a shibori dyed silk haori, an over coat to a kimono and a garment most are familiar with from seeing examples over time.

This one is in non-shiny, very slightly textured silk that is dyed in a large repeat of asa no ha or the traditional Japanese hemp leaf pattern. The patterned contrasting lining on the inside, top, nape is a lovely visual contrast to the shibori dyed pattern, the haori himo or cord ties used to close the garment are pale pink and add a further touch of visual interest.

The garment seems to never have been worn and it is striking looking with a graphic appeal.