A Boro Yogi or Kimono-Shaped Duvet: Lining and Fill Removed

$245.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
48" x 54", 122 cm x 137 cm

This large or oversized "garment" is actually the hand stitched, indigo dyed outer shell of a yogi which is a kimono-shaped duvet.

Some comforters were created in the shape of a kimono and in most cases they were slept under much in the same way that our square-shaped comforters of today are used.

This yogi is shown inside-out in order to reveal its patches and its mends. As well, from the fine dusting of cotton fiber still clinging to the cloth we can tell this yogi was stuffed with cotton floss.

There was an aggressive attempt made to remove all the white cotton fibers from the surface of this yogi and most were able to be taken away. The remaining bits are too stubborn to move.

The cloth which makes this yogi is hand spun and hand woven cotton. The patches are placed beautifully, especially in the back. The collar area is a bit ragged and patched as can be seen in a detail photo here. And what a wonderful visual contrast to the blue of the yogi is the brown figured cloth used on the collar, front area of this piece.

A charming old folk textile that can be admired, worn or displayed.