A Boro Yogi: Hand Spun Indigo Dyed Cotton

$195.00 USD

early twentieth century
64" x 57", 162.5 cm x 144.75 cm

This lovely, large, indigo dyed, hand spun, hand woven cotton thing is the shell of a yogi, or a kimono-shaped duvet.

Yogi are curious things: they are stuffed with cotton batting and they are shaped like a kimono but they are not worn.  They are laid on top of you as you would place a duvet when you are sleeping.

This one is especially plain with the only decoration being the two kasuri cotton inserts at each "shoulder" area: otherwise the entire yogi is dark colored indigo dyed cotton.  Because the cotton is hand woven of hand spun yarns, it is really delicious in the hand.

As can be seen, there are ample patches which reinforce the inner surface of this yogi exterior: for those interested in deconstructing this to refashion into something else, this would be an ideal object to use.

A lovely, large piece of very nice old indigo dyed cotton.