A Boro Work Glove: Well Worn, Layered and Rustic

$145.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
each glove: 9" x 5 1/4", 25.75 cm x 13.25

This is a thickly layered, very tattered work glove made of recycled cotton that is both hand stitched and machine stitched.

It has been been heavily worn and extremely well-used as can be seen by its rugged condition and its overall rustic quality.

You will notice that on the thumb of this work glove there is a fragment of a tenugui or a kind of cotton hand towel.

By looking at the photos that accompany this post it is clear to see the amount of wear still evident on the glove is a result of a lot of hard work on the part of the owner. 

Garment accessories like these seen here provide insight and provoke musing into the general tone of life which was led by the farmer, fisherman or whoever it was that used these gloves during their lifetime. Begging our imagination to travel to a place and time that is now obsolete is an interesting exercise and one that can be guided by reading books on life in rural Japan.

A Boro Work Glove: Well Worn, Layered and Rustic