A Boro Tsutsugaki Dyed Furoshiki: Two Good Sides

$245.00 USD

early twentieth century
42" x 37", 106.5 cm x 94 cm

This is an old, tsutsugaki dyed indigo furoshiki, a furoshiki being a wrapping/hauling/storage cloth which would contain bundles of anything that need to be carried, moved or stored.

This particular one shows a central, resist-dyed family crest that seems to be a variation on a traditional design that evokes a star. 

The furoshiki has been used hard which can be seen by the patches on the proper reverse side, by the overall fading, by the surface abrasion and by the distended, misshapen area of the center of the furoshiki which shows that this particular cloth was used hard in its life time. This furoshiki will not lay flat.

This is a handsome, boro textile and on that shows equal visual interest on each of its two side.