A Boro Sashiko Stitched Bag: Large Holes, Rustic Stitching

$225.00 USD

early twentieth century
34" x 11", 86.5 cm x 28 cm

This is a strikingly attractive, rustic sashiko stitched bag which shows big, thick stitches on both its sides and a very nice, wide band of stitching on the bottom, front and back.

The bag is hand stitched of indigo dyed cotton that has been quite chewed up from wear, obvious from the detail photos shown here. The large and small holes on both sides of the bag are somehow in keeping with its rustic spirit.

The band of dense stitching on the bottom was used to reinforce this area as something heavy was intended to be carried in this bag. This type of pouch-like bag is often referred to as a "money bag" since it was sometimes used to hold long strands of strung-up coins. 

Both sides of this bag are beautiful: the characters on its front and the large-scale hemp leaf pattern on the back are each wonderful to see for their rough, yet beautiful, stitching.

This is a marvelous thing to own.