A Boro Sakiori Sodenashi: Patched Rag Woven Work Vest

$381.00 USD

**further reduced from $476.00**
early twentieth century
28 1/2" x 16", 72.5 cm x 40.5 cm

This beautifully worn and mended vest is a rural work garment, called a sodenashi which literally means "without sleeves." 

It is a sakiori garment which means that it is woven from torn strips of discarded cotton cloth. In the case of this faded and worn sodenashi, the warp seems to be of cotton (sometimes the warp is of a bast fiber).

The weft yarns are ingeniously alternating in tones: a steel blue, a medium grey, a pale grey.

A sodenashi is a work vest that was intended to be worn primarily by those working in mountains, carrying wood or charcoal, or by farmers.

This particular one shows a cotton weft is slightly abraded and the overall color is  faded.

There is surface abrasion the the piece, there are seven cotton patches hand stitched to the surface, and the gusset on the top, back is made of sakiori, probably taken from the same bolt that produced this sodenashi.

For its fading, patching and wear, this is a wonderful boro sodenashi: and it is better yet for its variegated weft and its very nice patching.