A Boro Piece-Constructed Han Juban: Wonderful Collage of Old Silks

$255.00 USD

early twentieth century
29" x 48", 73.5 cm x 122 cm

This tattered, beautifully colored garmentĀ is a piece-constructed han juban or under kimono.

The han juban is hand stitched of silk and lightweight wool pieces and it is lined in hand spun cotton cloth.

Under garments in old Japan were often made of scraps or of recycled cloth as this one is, and that said, they often were exuberantly designed, as this one also is. The color combinations are meant to be rich and unbounded by convention: since this garment will never be seen except by the wearer, the patterns and colors that come together are at once haphazard and in some areas, planned.

Note the bottom of the back of the piece which shows a beautiful tumble of shibori dyed silks. Note as well the abrasion and loss to many areas of this piece, especially the red-dyed wool pieces that show insect damage.

A striking, artful and beautiful garment from old Japan.