A Boro Paper Square: Old Kimono Wrapper

$125.00 USD

late nineteenth century
30" x 30", 76 cm x 76 cm

This is a square-shaped paper wrapper which has been created by gluing together recycled sheets of used mulberry which were recycled from from handwritten accounting books or ledgers.

This paper referred to as a tatoushi was used to wrap kimono at a shop in Meiji era Japan, and there is evidence of this from the central "diamond" shape of creasing and wear which is slightly noticeable when viewed from a certain angle.

The arbitrary construction of this tatoushi is subtle and beautiful; holding this paper against the light, where its complex network of seams can be seen, is really beautiful, and something of a surprise.

The piece of paper with the large-scale calligraphy on the lead photo is not entirely adhered to the base, but it is still secure, it is just a bit delicate.

A wonderful, good-looking old tatoushi.

(please note that this tatoushi if folded in quarters. For shipping purposes it will be carefully and gently bent over itself to fit into the shipping parcel.)

A Boro Paper Square: Old Kimono Wrapper