A Boro Paper Bag or Large Envelope: Tea Leaf Storage

$245.00 USD

mid to late nineteenth century
when opened: 23 1/4" x 20 1/4", 59 cm x 51.5 cm

This good-sized, envelope-shaped paper pouch was created from recycling the leaves from old books and fashioning them into this container for storing tea leaves.

The paper is saturated with green persimmon tannin or kaki shibu which gives the distinct brownish color and patches of undyed paper were pasted to the surface, inside and out, as reinforcement to weak areas. 

There is some nice hand written kanji or Chinese characters on front and back of this absolutely beautiful folk object, a type of which is not easy to come by and, for such a humble thing, has a powerfully compelling beauty.

Very much recommended, this type of paper boro piece is rarely offered here.