A Boro or Patched Zukin: A Woman's Hood for Outdoor Work

$165.00 USD

early twentieth century
22 1/4" x 17 1/4", 56.5 cm x 43.75 cm

This beautifully colored and wonderfully repaired cotton garment is a zukin or a kind of "sun bonnet" used by women when tending the fields or doing outdoor work. More than likely this comes from Japan's northeastern or Tohoku region where some areas produce traditional, elaborately sashiko stitched examples.

The overall grey tone of this hood is attractive as is the placement of patches on all sides--not shown is the inside which also shows a few repairs and patches, all charming.

The construction of this garment is also very nice, the last detail photo shows the full gusset in the back which adds visual appeal.

The tie which is meant to secure this zukin is intact and this is, in general, in good, used condition.