A Reversible Boro Length: Tsutsugaki Detail and Good Age

$165.00 USD

late nineteenth, early-to-mid twentieth century
71" x 19", 180.5 cm x 18.25 cm

Please look at the three lead photos on this entry to see that this length of indigo dyed boro cotton is made of two sides which are equally visually interesting: one side shows beautiful old cottons and rich patching while the other side shows a very faded, tsutsugaki dyed family crest which is obscured by a very large, dark cotton mending patch.

The boro panel, taken from a reworked futon cover, is layered from old cottons, most of which are indigo dyed pieces woven from hand spun cottons.  The patched side of this boro length is stark with patches and color and a large area of this side of the boro cloth is made of indigo dyed kasuri cotton.

The reverse side shows cloth beautifully faded and woven from superb hand spun cottons.  The resist dyed image which is only partially seen is a family crest, in this case it shows the paulownia flower: there is real artistic interest in the fact that this mon or crest is degraded and patched  in the way that it is.

Very recommended.