A Boro Koshimaki or Half-Under Kimono: Nice Stitching

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early to mid twentieth century
28" x 44", 71 cm x 112 cm

A koshimaki is a kimono undergarment, a kind of half slip that would have been worn beneath a kimono.  In previous generations, because the Japanese made their own clothing, often undergarments would be stitched from remnants or from re-purposed cloth as this one is.

The base cloth, the greyish cotton, seems to be some kind of commercially produced brushed cotton or perhaps very worn cotton flannel material.

The areas of patching on the piece are large and bold and the eddies of mending stitches are lovely. The somber tone and the fading to the various patches make for a study in subtlety.

A beautiful old boro garment that can used as a home accessory or could be somehow worn as a fashion accessory.