A Boro Cotton Kimono: Purplish Hues and Patching

$465.00 USD

mid twentieth century
42" x 45", 106.5 cm x 114.25 cm

This is a lovely, boro kimono from the mid twentieth century that is shown here inside-out in order for its patched interior to be seen.

And patches there are: many of them covering so much of the surface of the interior of the kimono, and quite unusual, too: the overall color tone to this kimono is a palette of purples, lavenders and soft blues, which make it a bit out of the traditional color range of mid 20th century Japanese kimono.

But the colors and purple tones play wonderfully against each other as well as in contrast to the neutral, warm colored patches which are also prominent on this piece.

As can easily be seen by the distress and the holes which abound on the patches on this kimono, this piece was worn hard and long, and the action of wearing it burnished the colors of the cloth to a beautiful softness which we can only now appreciate.

A really beautiful kimono.

Very recommended.