A Boro Kimono: Equally Interesting Inside and Out

$395.00 USD

mid twentieth century
39" x 46", 99 cm x 117 cm

This marvelously patched and repaired cotton kimono is shown here inside-out. In many cases where boro garments are concerned repairs were made to the inside so as to hide the quantity of patches used and their variety in color and texture, especially if there are many as in this case.

However if you were to turn this garment to its other side, the proper outside of the kimono, you would still see a good amount of patching and repairing to the surface however the cloth and stitching used are much more subtle than what we see displayed in detail here.

As can be easily seen there was a no holds barred patching and repairing to the inside of this kimono as many tones and colors of cotton cloth were used to mend the coat. The repairs are also heavy on stitching and if you look carefully at the attached detail photos you will see this.

Two of the inside patches on the proper front of the coat are not entirely stitched so they present as pockets--as this kimono was made in the mid twentieth century it is entirely likely that pockets might have been inserted into the design. Pockets, of course, are not an element in traditional Japanese clothing; they were imported from Europe.

This is a gorgeously made garment and one with a surfeit of visual interest.

Very recommended.