A Boro Itajime Shibori Diaper: Sashiko Stitched

$35.00 USD
mid twentieth century
24" x 12", 61 cm x 30.5 cm

This lightweight, gauzy cotton cloth measures, as shown as 24" or 61 cm in length, when in reality as it is twice that since this is a length of cotton that has been stitched as a "tube," short end to short end.

It is a diaper and is dyed in the itajime shibori or clamp dyed method. This particular one is two layers thick and both layers have been sashiko stitched, or quilted, together. 

The cotton has seen some wear as is evidenced by the ragged edges, the light fading and the small holes which have been photographed and shown on the accompanying images.  

The diaper's closure is hand stitched and as you can see the dyed image is attenuated and almost star-like in its design.

A charming old cloth from a different era.