A Boro Futon Cover: Hanten and Shibori Fragments

$375.00 USD

early twentieth century
68" x 37 1/2", 172 cm x 92.25 cm

There is so much instantly gratifiable visual appeal in this indigo dyed boro futon cover that it is hard to begin to point out its positive attributes. It is probably best to let the photos here tell that story.

The elongated, resist dyed zigzags call the most attention to this piece. They are taken from a hanten, a kind of uniform jacket worn by workers or by participants in shrine or temple festivals. Their staggered placement on this futon cover is obviously the main attraction.

Also note that on the left hand side there is a wonderful patch of good quality, old shibori--this was probably placed here with delight of whomever stitched this futon cover. It is a very nice fragment.

The rest of the hand stitched assemblage is wonderful to look at for its layers and for its unintended, rather amazing, beauty.

Please note that when hung on a wall this futon cover does not hang straight; its bottom portion is a bit uneven and needs to be fussed with a bit in order to get it to conform the rectangular format you see here in these photos.


A Boro Futon Cover: Hanten and Shibori Fragments