A Boro Furoshiki: Resist Dyed Family Crest

$195.00 USD

early twentieth century
46" x 45", 116.75 cm x 114.25 cm

This square-shaped indigo dyed cotton textile is a furoshiki or a cloth which was used for the wrapping, storing and hauling of any kind of goods imaginable. 

That said, this one has seen a great deal of hard work during its lifetime as the small tears and all over surface abrasion attests--not to mention the ten or so patches that are applied to the cloth for the purposes of repair.  The right and left edges each are sashiko stitched in white cotton thread; note, the patch which sits on the left hand side of the cloth which shows a sashiko stitched crisscross pattern: just lovely.

On the upper right hand side of the cloth is a resisted crest or kamon, which depicts the crossed arrow motif.  The kamon is boldly resisted and by looking closely you will see that it is delicately detailed using faint lines that add clarity to the motif.

Beautifully dyed in indigo and richly patched with indigo dyed cotton pieces, this is a really lovely piece from old Japan that speaks eloquently about daily life in a bygone time.