A Boro Cotton Kimono: Wonderful Mending and Handwoven Cloth

$95.00 USD

early twentieth century
46" x 42", 117 cm x 106.5 cm

This is a subtle yet beautiful old, repaired cotton kimono which is hand stitched of hand loomed, indigo dyed, striped cotton.  

This handsome and faded kimono is heavily used and is repaired inside and out--take special note of images of the lining as this detail of the kimono is quite beautiful.  

This is a type of kimono that one can imagine being worn by a person of lesser means who lived in an urban situation as it is a good looking kimono that has been repaired over time.  It does not seem like a "work" kimono per se, meaning it does not seem like a kimono that was used to work on a farm or in the fields.

The cotton of the exterior is faded unevenly and as can be seen in the detail photos here, it is nicely repaired on its outside, bottom hem.

The lining is where so much of the visual appeal occurs: the light blue and the brown colored patching in contrast to the dark toned exterior is striking.  Note as well the resist dyed cloth used on the collar area the lining: very nice.

A good looking and still wearable kimono, this boro garment really calls up visions of life in old Japan.