A Boro Cotton Kimono: Recycled Cottons and Family Crests

$295.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
48" x 46", 122 cm x 117 cm

This rustic, cotton kimono is shown inside-out in order to highlight its main detail of interest, the wonderful combination of cottons used as a lining for this still-wearable kimono.

Interesting is the heavy, striped cotton which has been over dyed a pale blue and resist dyed with two family crests, now very faded.  

The cotton itself is quite interesting because it seems to be a type of striped cotton that was produced in Kyushu, as can be seen on this shibori piece in our collection.

The selection of colors and fabrics to create this hand stitched garment is wonderful, as its age, and its patina from age.  The wear and fading patterns on this kimono are just what you would like to see on a historical, every day kimono--and this, in addition to the interesting Kyushu cotton, make this a desirable, kimono from old Japan.

Please have a look at the detail photos which illustrate this very handsome garment from another era.


A Boro Cotton Kimono: Recycled Cottons and Family Crests