An Unusued Bolt of Taiten Shibori: Indigo Dyed Cotton

$165.00 USD

mid twentieth century
approximately 12 yards x 13 3/4"
approximately 11 m x 35 cm

This is a full, unused bolt of indigo dyed cotton taiten shibori, a style of shibori where the length of cloth is compressed along a series of stiff warp yarns before it is dyed.  

The result of this process is as you see here: a series of small, regularly spaced blips of indigo that dot the entire length of this lightweight cotton.

This shibori bolt is a standard Japanese length, woven to be long enough to stitch one full kimono.  The cloth is light and puckered from being compressed and dyed, and this soft texture is wonderful in the hand.

About the first foot/ 30 cm or so of this bolt had been exposed to light, etc., during its decades of storage so it shows some slight discoloration.  The rest of the bolt, however, appears to be in "new" condition.

This is a fantastic find and a wonderful resource for someone who would like to create garments, home accessories, quilts of art works.

A beauty.

An Unusued Bolt of Taiten Shibori: Indigo Dyed Cotton