A Bolt of Omi Jofu: Hemp or Ramie Fine Grade Cloth

$345.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
11 yards x 13 3/4", 10.9 m x 35 cm

This is a full, unused bolt of indigo dyed, hemp or ramie, kasuri dyed cloth called Omi jofu.

Omi jofu is a finely woven, figured hemp or ramie cloth from present day Shiga prefecture--it is among Japan's highest quality bast fiber textiles and it is placed among some of the best bast fiber weaving in the country.

The bolt shows a medium patterned repeat of small designs, some of them too small to identify. However this pattern is typical of Omi jofu and you can imagine the kimono that was destined to be hand stitched from this precious bolt of cloth.

As is obvious from the detail photos this bolt still has its original paper tag and there are red stamps on the end of the bolt which were place there either from the maker or the broker who sold the cloth.

The bolt is in unused, clean condition with no obvious flaws or damage.


A Bolt of Omi Jofu: Hemp or Ramie Fine Grade Cloth