A Bolt of Hand Woven Hemp Cloth: Faint Subtle Stains and Discoloration

$125.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
7 yards x 13 3/4", 6.4 m x 35 cm

This is about a half full bolt of hand woven undyed hemp cloth.

As mentioned in the title of this post there is some faint staining to the length, both by small, pale spots and also by large areas of slight darkening, both shown on an accompanying image here and neither terribly distracting.

The cloth is fairly stiff and fairly heavy weight, certainly it was woven for strength and durability and was more than likely destined to be fashioned into an every day work item such as a bag or a furoshiki, a traditional carrying cloth.

The wonderful, rustic yarns are still evident and the texture of the cloth is crisp. 

A really lovely--and very usable--length of old, hand woven hemp cloth and if you can tolerate its imperfections there is much to love about it.