A Boldly Dyed Shibori Cloth: Stitched Loop

$65.00 USD

mid twentieth century
26" x 16 3/4", 66 cm x 42.5 cm

This visually appealing shibori dyed cotton cloth is made of very nice, seemingly handwoven cotton that is stitched as a loop.

The pattern is a repeat of large "spiderwebs" made by gathering and tying areas of the cloth or "shape resisting" it as shibori is sometimes referred to.

Both front and back of the cloth were pulled into this shape resisting process. This is evident when you look at the back of the cloth as you will see it lacks the fine details that the front of the cloth shows. Essentially this is a kind of "layered" shibori.

The width of the cloth is slightly wider than normal because two pieces of cotton are stitched together lengthwise.

The indigo tone is deep, with a blackish cast: it is a rich color and one that beautifully offsets the roundels or spiderwebs that are resist dyed into the cloth.

A very charming shibori cloth, for sure.

A Boldly Dyed Shibori Cloth: Stitched Loop