A Boldly Designed Resist Dyed Noren: Hand Spun Cotton

$425.00 USD

early twentieth century
50 1/4" x 51 1/4", 127.5 cm x 130 cm

This is a resist dyed noren, which is a kind of door covering. It is hand stitched from hand spun, hand woven, indigo dyed cotton and shows a bold, central image of a family crest.

The graphic nature of this noren is its power--as is its fine condition and good color: it is not stained, not torn, not patched. For its age it is in quite good shape. The indigo blue is even and consistent in tone on each of the four panels that comprise this noren.

The family crest which dominates this noren is a striped circle; this type of crest has martial affiliations as it relates to the trappings of warfare in feudal times. Since this noren was made after the feudal era we have to understand that it was adopted as a family crest, perhaps the family who has retained this as their symbol was from such a martial or samurai clan.

This noren is as good as it gets for its design, its color, its condition and its size.


A Boldly Designed Resist Dyed Noren: Hand Spun Cotton