A Black Colored Mayuzara: Pressed Paper Tray used in Sericulture

$45.00 USD

early twentieth century
1 1/2" x 11 3/4" diameter, 4 cm x 30 cm diameter

This is a shallow, round tray or dish made of pressed paper pulp which seems to have been lacquered black when first made.

Through repeated use and age this lacquer coating has been abraded; this patina adds character to this tray, one could argue that this abrasion actually creates allure.

Apparently these mayuzara--or cocoon plates--were used in sericulture for the handling of cocoons. In old Japan it was customary for a family to have a side business of raising silkworms, the cocoons of which would be sold off to a broker.

A charming accessory this mayuzara makes for good display and will integrate well into an interiors scheme.