A Benibana Shibori Hemp Fragment: Safflower Dye

$115.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth century
22" x 12", 56 cm x 30.5 cm

This is a beautiful fragment of benibana or safflower dyed hemp cloth from the Tohoku or northeast region of Japan.

The fuchsia pink color of the cloth is crisp, clear and vibrant; shibori, or shape resist dyeing, was used to imprint designs and patterns into the cloth.

Pink color shibori from Tohoku is prized among collectors in Japan; benibana dye is light fugitive, so finding a full garment or a fragment where there is no fading--as is the case with this piece--is most definitely desirable.  Very often this kind of pink colored shibori is damaged from too much exposure to light.

The patterns from shibori dyeing are wonderful as are the gradient rose/red/pink tones to be found on this wonderful fragment of fine shibori work.