A Beautifully Sashiko Stitched Zokin: Symmetry

$21.00 USD

mid twentieth century
13" x 13", 33 cm x 33 cm

zokin is a traditional Japanese dust cloth or cleaning rag; it is usually made from old pieces of cloth and it is usually layered and stitched for durability.   

Along with diapers, zokin are among the traditional household textiles that represent the end of the line where the repurposing or recycling of cloth is concerned.

This attractive, indigo dyed kasuri zokin is a few layers thick and is sashiko stitched with a centrally placed symmetrical cross and diamond ; in the upper left-hand corner are two added diagonal lines of sashiko stitching.

A wonderfully stitched zokin.

A Beautifully Sashiko Stitched Zokin: Symmetry