A Beautifully Reversible Three Panel Boro Futon Cover: Northern Shibori Fragment

$495.00 USD

early twentieth century
65" x 37", 165 cm x 94 cm

This three panel patched and mended futon cover is equally interesting to look at on each of its sides--and each is extremely different from the other.

Shown in the lead photos is the proper inside of the futon cover and its many patches can be easily seen.

There is a good distribution of clusters of patches, the heaviest of which are on the proper right panel. On this panel, too, we see a very nice, large fragment of northern Japanese shibori, probably Asamai shibori from Akita prefecture. 

When the other side is viewed there is a completely different visual experience: whereas the proper inside of the futon cover shows bold patching, the proper outside (or the side meant to be shown) is subtle as it shows only bits of patching. 

The question is, "which side is better?" That is probably an unanswerable question and luckily if you decide to acquire this piece you can rotate it according to your mood or sensibility.

Please note there are some "scratches" to the cloth which are shown on detail photos here--otherwise the cloth is in good, used condition.