A Beautifully Reversible Sashiko Stitched Furoshiki: Good Age, Patina and Mending

$495.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
61" x 64", 155 cm x 162.5 cm

furoshiki is a traditional wrapping, storage or hauling cloth which is still very much in use all over Japan.

This rustic indigo dyed cotton sashiko stitched furoshiki is a good example of its type. It has good age and is constructed of wonderful hand spun, hand woven cotton.

Its face is beautifully faded and is worn in a way so a rich patina has built up on the surface. The surface bears large areas of sashiko stitching on each of its four corners.

The proper left, top and the proper right, bottom corners show a stitched pattern of stylized chrysanthemum. The top, right corner shows a traditional hemp leave design while the bottom, left corner shows the sayagata pattern whose axis is the Buddhist swastika.

Please note as well at the dead center of the furoshiki is the family name stitched as kanji or Chinese characters. This is an ultra charming detail.

The proper reverse side of the furoshiki shows patches which are strategically placed on the surface. The patches relate to the mending and reinforcing of the cloth due to a lifetime of wear and heavy use.

The color of the cotton on the reverse side of the furoshiki is of a dark toned indigo; the furoshiki is completely hand stitched from four separate panels.

Please note the center area of the furoshiki is slightly distended from wear and on the lead photo this is fairly easy to see. As well you will notice loss to the lower, right hand corner.

This is a very good looking, nicely patched and mended great quality boro indigo dyed furoshiki with great charm and wonderful age--and a wonderful visual presence.

A very, very good one for its age, condition and overall good quality.