A Beautifully Repuposed Indigo Dyed Cotton Work Coat: Boro Jacket

$425.00 USD

early twentieth century
29" x 52", 73.5 cm x 132 cm

This beautifully indigo dyed cotton jacket is shown here inside-out as most boro garments and textiles are shown when displayed: in the majority of cases the mending and patching that characterizes boro textiles occurs on the inside or "wrong" side of the textile as an attempt by the maker to conceal all the patches from plain view.

This jacket is wonderfully patched on the inside as is plain from the many photos shown here. As well the body of the piece is made from re-purposed cloth--by looking at the inside of the jacket (as shown here which would have been the proper outside of the jacket when worn) we can see an elongated "V" shape of dark indigo. This is the result old pieces of cotton being repurposed and put together meaning that the entire garment is made of re-used pieces.

The sleeves were likely not the first pair on this coat as the cloth used to make them is of a different type than the body. Often collars and sleeves were taken on and off, replaced when worn out or when a change was needed.

The jacket has been starched which does not affect its look when displayed however if this is acquired to be worn this could be an issue. As well, the "tepposode" or narrow sleeves often called "rifle barrel" could make wearing this garment difficult.

It is a really lovely and very good example of a boro garment and it is one with good age, good re-purposing of cloth and excellent indigo color.