A Beautifully Repaired Indigo Dyed Cotton Jacket: Hand Spun Cotton

$395.00 USD

early twentieth century
28" x 48", 71 cm x 122 cm

The foundation of the humble beauty of this rustic work coat is built on the integrity of the threads used to weave its cloth.

The yarns are hand spun; the cloth is hand woven. The unmistakable character embedded in hand spun yarns is an important detail in appreciating old Japanese textiles.

The jacket is "reversible" meaning it can be admired inside and outside, front and back. All aspects of the coat are interesting.

Pay special attention to the patching around the neck area, both inside and outside. On the proper inside look at the eccentric, radiating stitches. On the proper outside you will see one of the two sides has a three-layered repair: really interesting.

The indigo color of this jacket is faded and good. There are small holes and some pitted areas; there is a rather obvious hole near the bottom hem, center, back.

This is a very, very good jacket that has a quiet presence and a great deal of thread integrity. 

Very recommended.