A Beautifully Ragged Boro Kimono: Rich Patching

$595.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
48" x 46", 122 cm x 117 cm

This beautiful, richly-patched boro cotton kimono is shown inside-out to properly reveal all its marvelous repair.

The many detail photos that accompany this post aim to illustrate the richness of the repair and the intensity of it: a host of layered patches are found on the proper, inside back of the kimono and they are all over it, from the central portion of the back down to the hem where there is a strong concentration of patches.

The overall color is a hard-to-describe warm grey-blue-grey color and the base cotton of the kimono is of a narrow, vertical stripe. The collar area is ragged from wear.

This a really marvelous, old, boro kimono and one that is easily admired as it is shown here--inside-out--as well as when it is turned as it was intended to be worn: there is beautiful patching on the proper outside along with good abrasion and wear.

Note the roundish patches shown in the detail photos here: marvelous.

Highly recommended and a truly beautiful old boro kimono of very good quality.