A Beautifully Patterned Boro Futon Cover: Lightweight, Tattered Cotton

$195.00 USD

early twentieth century
57 1/2" x 50", 146 cm x 127 cm

This is a very patched, lightweight cotton futon cover that was stitched together from what was must have been a kimono. The pattern is woven into the cloth using the kasuri method and the deign shows a tortoiseshell motif and some kind of flower or leaf. 

The cotton is lightweight which is one of the reasons this piece look so good when back lit as the cotton is thin enough to be translucent. The lightweight cotton is also the reason for the splits and tears to the cotton which you can see if you look carefully at the images that accompany this post.

The patching is plentiful and the hand stitching on the patches is beautifully done.

This boro futon cover is in fairly delicate condition but it will do beautifully hanging in front of or near a window and it will show equally beautifully when displayed on the wall to be admired as artwork.

A lovely piece with a great presence.