A Beautifully Patched Sakabukuro Fragment: Two Tones

$35.00 USD

mid twentieth century 
16" x 19", 40.5 cm x 48 cm

This small cloth collage is a fragment of a sakabukuro, a cloth bag that was used to filter crude sake in the sake making process.

This piece is taken from the top of the bag and it is saturated with kaki shibu or green persimmon tannin which is a substance that not only lends a distinctive brown color to cloth, it also strengthens its fibers and renders it somewhat impermeable.

Here we can enjoy seeing a beautiful little hand stitched patch which is floating nicely on the coffee colored, kaki shibu cotton ground: note the wonderful, white stitching which holds the patch in place.  The dye is a bit mottled with lightly ingrained dirt, as can be seen on the attached photograph.

A delightful little thing and something that would act as nice accent in home decor.


A Beautifully Patched Sakabukuro Fragment: Two Tones