A Beautifully Patched Length of Indigo Dyed Hemp or Ramie: Katazome

$225.00 USD

late nineteenth century
62 1/2" x 11 3/4", 159 cm x 30 cm

This indigo beauty is a panel taken from a hemp or ramie, katazome dyed futon cover, another section of which can be seen here, in this case it is backlit. 

Because the bast fiber cloth is translucent this length of old patched cloth would look fantastic if seen against the light--although as you can tell here from these photos it is also rich enough with sufficient visual interest to be shown on its own without the added effects of backlighting.

The patches are many and the blue is of a rich hue. The stitching to the patches is very good and the combination of all the elements combined here makes for an enjoyable visual experience.

Note the complex katazome pattern on the back of this length: it is a variant on the hemp leaf pattern, quite delicate in its design.

Very recommended.