A Beautifully Patched Indigo Dyed Cotton Kimono: Hand Spun Threads

$375.00 USD

early twentieth century
48" x 42", 122 cm x 106.5 cm

This is a beautiful, indigo dyed boro kimono that shows very good age and is completely hand stitched from wonderful, hand spun, hand woven cotton cloth.

As can be easily seen, the surface of the garment (shown here inside-out) is studded with what seems to be a multitude of old, hand stitched patches of various sizes: the proper front of the coat, especially, is loaded-up with these patches.

The cotton cloth is woven into a subtle, narrow stripe of very nice indigo color.  The feeling of the hand spun cotton yarns is beautiful as it shows the thread flavor or ito aji so important when collecting folk textiles.

Please note that there are small holes throughout the body of the garment; none are glaringly large and most can be seen readily, but they are there.  The cloth, at times, is a bit weak from use, so if you are planning to wear this kimono as an everyday coat that would not be advisable.

Still, it is a marvelous looking thing, a real treasure from old Japan, and something beautiful to behold.