A Beautifully Patched Boro Furoshiki: Stripe on Stripe

$185.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
38 1/2" x 37", 98 cm x 94 cm

A furoshiki is a traditional wrapping, carrying or storage cloth; furoshiki can still be seen on the streets of Japan when they are being used to carry or haul something.

This one is a beauty.

This boro furoshiki is hand stitched from three panels of hand loomed, striped cloth.  Onto the proper back side of the furoshiki, shown in detail here, are thirteen patches which are hand stitched to the cloth The patches are in wonderful size and scale to each other and to the base cloth, making a very appealing design.  Add to that, the subtle contrast between the striped design of the applied patches and the base is sophisticated and rich in nuance.

Note as well the sashiko stitched kanji, a family name, on the bottom left corner: a wonderful touch. 

A simply gorgeous old textile, one in good, used condition, and one with a remarkably complex visual appeal.


A Beautifully Patched Boro Furoshiki: Stripe on Stripe