A Beautifully Patched and Mended Boro Kimono: Indigo Dyed Cotton

$425.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
51" x 48", 129.5 cm x 122 cm

This is a wonderfully repaired, indigo dyed cotton kimono that is shown here inside-out since the inside is where most of the visible patching and mending can be seen.

The base cloth is indigo dyed cotton, very beautiful, hand spun and hand woven--and more than likely dating to the Meiji era (1965-1912).

If you look at some of the detail photos here you will see images of the kimono splayed open in order to show the proper outside of the kimono. It is faded and lighter in color than the inside and it shows a good deal of wear and repair, just not as obvious as it is on the inside.

The inside is rich in repair and there are many patches, some "shingled" in the way they are applied. The result of this attentive patching is what we hope to see in boro textiles which is an unintended artistry and beauty. This kimono has both.

Pore over the many photos to get a better idea of this lovely kimono. Note some small loss on the proper, left sleeve shown in detail on one of the photos here.

Recommended and wearable.