A Beautifully Layered Boro Panel: Good Age

$150.00 USD

early twentieth century
72" x 13", 183 cm x 33 cm

This very handsome, slightly curved, indigo dyed cotton boro panel is beautiful for its good design, its many patches and its inherently rich ito aji or thread flavor.  Most of the cottons used to compose this fragment from a futon cover are hand woven from hand plied cotton, a real plus when considering acquiring a boro piece.

This length is hand stitched together from three separate pieces and each of these pieces is patched over, so the seams separating the three segments can sometimes not be seen on the side we are featuring here.

But what you will see is a wonderful arrangement of cotton patches of all sizes and in varying shades of blue, and of stripes, plaids and of kasuri, or ikat woven design.  Of all the passages to be seen on this beautifully old length, perhaps the nicest is the segment at the bottom, a rustic area that shows some small patches freely arranged on a layered, indigo dyed cotton ground.

A very nice boro length and one to be considered by a burgeoning or seasoned collector of this material.



A Beautifully Layered Boro Panel: Good Age